disintegrative psychosis

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disintegrative psychosis

a mental disorder of childhood that usually has an onset after 3 years of age and after normal development of speech, social behavior, and other traits. After a vague illness the child becomes irritable and undergoes mental deterioration, eventually reaching a stage of severe mental retardation. The cause may be a viral infection. There is no specific treatment.
An idiopathic condition of toddlers which is characterised by rapid deterioration of mental and social functions and motor control
Aetiology Unknown
Management As for autism

Patient discussion about disintegrative psychosis

Q. Whether it`s possible for Bipolar disorder in children?

A. It is possible for children to suffer with bipolar disorder. It is a tricky diagnosis in children I would strongly suggest professional help when dealing with children with bipolar disorder.
I wouldnt trust the diagnosis of a GP, I would suggest getting a referal to a pediatric psychiatrist for a through evaluation and proper treatment

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