an agent used in pharmaceutical preparation of tablets, which causes them to disintegrate and release their medicinal substances on contact with moisture.
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Q. what would be the best way to protect my teeth from decaying?i fill pain always in my private parties,what prb whenever i take long with out sex,so i would like the advice from my fewwol

A. i fail to see the connection between teeth and groin pain...about the teeth. it's very very simple- get used to a healthy oral hygiene. brush your teeth in the right way twice a day for at least 6 minute. use floss. go to a dental hygienist, she'll guide you through it.

Q. Whether it`s possible for Bipolar disorder in children?

A. It is possible for children to suffer with bipolar disorder. It is a tricky diagnosis in children I would strongly suggest professional help when dealing with children with bipolar disorder.
I wouldnt trust the diagnosis of a GP, I would suggest getting a referal to a pediatric psychiatrist for a through evaluation and proper treatment

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The FDA-approved disintegrant for pharmaceuticals, CMC improves the dissolving capability of medicines, thereby enhancing their meant effect, which in turn has been driving CMC demand in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Films having PVA and PVP K30 as a disintegrant showed more elongation as compared to all other formulations because of combination of most flexible polymers.
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Even though formulation F1 contained a superdisintegrant as well as microcrystalline cellulose, with expected enhanced disintegrant properties, a release of 39.0% hydrocortisone in 30 min was observed.
The rapid disintegration time exhibited by all the brands might be due to type and amount of disintegrant used in the formulation.
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Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the physicochemical and disintegrant properties of a cellulose obtained from sugarcane scrapings and bagasse.
Hard candy gum drops Paper/board/corrugating Pigment retention on paper (wet-end addition), as surface sizing agent coating Brewing as adjunct Textile/warp sizing Text finishing agents to add weight, smoothness and stiffness Pharmaceuticals Cosmetics: tooth paste, body cream or lotion Pharmaceutical tablets; binder, filler, disintegrant Body powders Building pots Binder for foundries Agriculture Soil conditioners Adhesives Corrugated boards paper bag Guming applications Crude oil mining Oil drilling mud Briquetting Domestic and industrial heating Packaging Plastics High temperature stable hybrid nylon e.g., meat roasting nylon; Edible films Preparation of surgeon gloves Table 4.