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, disinsectization (dis'in-sek'shŭn, dis'in-sek-ti-zā'shŭn),
Freeing an area from insects.
[L. dis-, apart, + insect]
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- the flat-rate part is related to the preventive services of rat extermination and disinsection (cockroaches),
Karin Winegar claims that the Department of Transportation's involvement with the issue of disinsection on international flights was due to an article she wrote for Conde Nast Traveler in 1994.
Although airline disinsection has gone on for many years, the U.S.
Deratization and disinsection of the heritage of esh domnis sector north (75-92-93-95).
The purpose of this contract is to establish a contract for rat extermination, disinsection and disinfection in schools, administrative buildings and cities in the city of Cayenne.
Main features: this consultation concerns the rat control and disinsection of communal buildings.
services in the disinsection and disinfestation of basements of the housing stock of the communal unitary enterprise zhreu of pinsk (upon demand) 43 object (s), 10 619.
The subject matter is the provision of rodent control, disinsection, disinfection (hereinafter referred to as DDD) and related deliveries by the Contractor for the needs of the contracting authority and purchasers (each hereinafter referred to as the Client and collectively referred to as Client).
Main features: pest control, disinsection, disinfection of communal buildings and maintenance of the dovecote
the scope of the contract includes the provision of services: 1) clean-sanitary, Cleaning and similar in buildings 100% municipal, 2) ordinances in the areas of waste collection places, 3) readout of water meters in communal premises, 4) reading the indications of electric meters in communal premises, 5) disinsection and disinfection in premises owned by the commune wroclaw.
Contract notice: subscription of disinfection, disinsection and deratization of the objects of the social patronage op