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, disinsectization (dis'in-sek'shŭn, dis'in-sek-ti-zā'shŭn),
Freeing an area from insects.
[L. dis-, apart, + insect]
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The disinsecting, Deratting and disinfection operations cover about 6,600 dwellings, Halls, Landings and various premises.
Contract notice: Service market for disinsecting, deratting, disinfection of empty columns of garbage.
Contract notice: Cleaning, Disinfestation And Disinsecting Services Of Buildings, Facilities And Municipal Schools Of HuTor Vega.
Such as disinsecting, deratting, site upgrading, final cleaning, carpet shampoo, specific floor washes .
Contract notice: Disinfection, disinsecting, deratting and clearing services to be carried out on all residences of the patrimony of the municipality of Puteaux.
Contract notice: Disinsecting and deratting on the heritage of dynacite.
Contract notice: Hiring of the cleaning, laundry, disinfection, disinfection and disinsecting service of the management of integrated care of albacete .
Contract notice: Disinsecting - deratting - disinfection of common areas and individual dwellings on Oda heritage.