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Variant of dysfunction.
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Patient discussion about disfunction

Q. Something rairly spoken about is sexual disfunctions. Wether it be an inability to perform or being hyper sexual during manic episodes. This situation can be very frusterating for patients as well as partners. Hyper sexuality can lead to cheating followed by depression and sexual disfunction. How have you dealt with these issues?

A. there is one its made by Shunga eroyic art its a herbal drink one bottle is 3 doses and works very well for me. There is a cream for women called orgasmics that is a topical cream that imporves blood flow to the genitals it enhanses sensation and longetivity. For men there are enhansment creams such as stud 100 and similar Shunga herbal drinks. If you go into one of the stores the staff are very helpful and will be able to help you find the best products for you. As far as personal sexual issues I suggest theropy to help you through those issues and be open and honest with your partner to avoid you being triggered unnecessarily. And lots and lots of patience... Spend some time exploring your sexuality with yourself... learn your limits and become comfortable with your own sexuality

Q. how do i categories Asthma? is it disfunction of the lungs temporarily or something else? is there like chart , level of the strength of asthma attack ?

A. obstructive airway disease-asthma attacks vary greatly in their severity ranging from slight breathlessness to respiratory failure. attacks accure most frequent in the early morning,---symtoms arebreathlessness,wheezing,dry cough sometimes brought on by exercise with a feeling of tightness in the chest--in a very severe attack,the low amount of oxygen in the blood may cause-cyanosis(blue-purple discoloration of the face,particularly the lips,and the skin may become pale and clammy-such attacks may be fatal.there is no cure for asthma.---cardiac asthma(heart failure)is when fluid collection in the lungsthat cause bronchospasm an wheezing,due to reduced pumping efficiency of the left-side of the heart.

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