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He stated, "The policies of proscription, segregation, and disfranchisement that are often described as the immutable 'folkways' of the South, impervious alike to legislative reform and armed intervention, are of a more recent origin.
In Living in Infamy: Felon Disfranchisement and the History of American Citizenship, Pippa Holloway looks at the historical development, legal traditions and ideologies behind these felon disfranchisement laws.
It was the disfranchisement of French Cameroonians that constantly reminded them that they were "strangers" in their own land and that the solution was the recreation of the Greater Kamerun.
Disfranchisement, as it was then understood, has disappeared as a threat.
The wrong has to be traced to erase prevailing disfranchisement. Among growers some are voiceless who some how struggle to surviv.
Throughout the decades-long legal battle to end segregation, discrimination, and disfranchisement, attorney Alexander Pierre Tureaud (1899-1972) was one of the most influential figures in Louisiana's courts.
"Opponents of this view would say, with some force, that it is unconstitutional to regard disfranchisement as part of a criminal's punishment."
The plan as announced allowed for the full or partial disfranchisement of 107 English borough seats, the enfranchisement of 31 places, the adoption of a uniform 10 [pounds sterling] per year householder qualification for borough voters and, among other technical changes, the implementation of a system of voter registration.
The work addresses themes common to the historiography of this period: the sociological and economic impact of mutual aid, the slow rise of the middle class, the politics of respectability, disfranchisement, hat in hand racial appeals for philanthropy from paternalistic southern whites by members of the black elite charged with controlling the "ignorant" and "immoral" of their race, and the disorder, intemperance and crime of the black poor who displayed their "open sexuality," sang bawdy blues tunes in jukes and sometimes stabbed one another along every New South city's equivalent of Durham's Murder Alley.
The clumsy disfranchisement of former Prime Minister Mir-Hossein Musavi's supporters may have sparked the recent unrest, but the protests turned into something bigger when demonstrators began chanting, "Death to the dictator!"--meaning Ayatollah Ali Khamenehi, the "supreme leader" who claims authority from God.
She reminds us of the atrocities and disfranchisement of black people in a new world order.
It argues that while during this period there was no conscious attempt to "airbrush" the decision out of the constitutional canon, as the case gradually came to be viewed by some scholars as one more concerned with procedural technicalities than with the core meaning of democracy, constitutional scholars interested in studying questions of race and disfranchisement increasingly looked toward cases (both democratic and antidemocratic) that were perhaps procedurally simpler and cleaner.