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Estimation of linkage disequilibrium in four US pig breeds.
The most common clinical presentation is hearing loss, tinnitus, headache and disequilibrium. Facial weakness is more common in meningioma and epedermoid.
Transmission disequilibrium test analysis revealed no transmission disequilibrium in the DRD3 rs6280 SNP among TS nuclear pedigrees, indicating that this locus is not associated with TS ( P = 1; [Table 5]).{Table 5}
Linkage disequilibrium between all pairs of loci was estimated using LD parameter r2 (the squared correlation coefficient between all bi-allelic combinations at two loci and summarizes both recombination and mutational history.
2.2 Genotype-based and diplotype-based analyses remain valid in the presence of Hardy-Weinberg Disequilibrium
Building a sophisticated and comprehensive disequilibrium model is beyond the scope of this article.
The monetary disequilibrium theorists regard NGDP as an emergent phenomenon of the competitive market process as described by Mises (1949), Hayek (1948), and Kirzner (1973).
The term disequilibrium is used because the symptoms manifest as blood chemistries and fluid shift during hemodialysis (Patel et al., 2008).
He reasons that since money, as the medium of exchange, enters into all market transactions, the most likely candidate for such a disturbance must be a discrepancy between the demand for and supply of money, or monetary disequilibrium, at the current level of prices.
Sydney, Australia, June 13, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Toro Energy Limited (ASX:TOE) is pleased to announce positive disequilibrium results following detailed studies of drill sample data from the Theseus Uranium Project in WA.
"The government cannot kill wild animals, it would create disequilibrium in the ecosystem," provincial governor Alberto Vaquina told the paper.