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Referring to any person or cultural group with no political, social, or economic power
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Students, older people living in care homes and people living in hostels have all been disenfranchised by these changes and throwing money at the problem now won't change things before the General Election.
The difference, according to Bernard Fraga of Harvard University, is explained entirely by the huge number of black men who are disenfranchised.
Humphrey (2009) described three reasons for disenfranchised grief.
When I first got disenfranchised with skating, it was not because of the big money.
and) you will make your managers feel disenfranchised, alienated and impotent.
himself believes there was a major population shift from the lowlands to the central hill country by people who sought "a new society and a new lifestyle" or who exercised a protest against a corrupt landed aristocracy that disenfranchised the peasant class.
b) As a result of a service-learning lab with a disenfranchised group, did participating university students reflect on social injustice?
In 2000 Gore and the Democrats ran to the right and thought no one would care about the millions disenfranchised by their intolerant Drug War policy.
Ethics are made inextricable from seeing and passive spectatorship is finally all but disenfranchised, and for all the talk that seems precisely the point.
This gives him a secure base of operations to carry out his role "as the leader of disenfranchised Arabs and other Muslims who seek the liberation of Palestine and the downfall of the authoritarian regimes of the Middle East and absolute monarchies and emirates of the Gulf.
He finds evidence that the music's founders and early torchbearers, artists such as Afrika Bambaataa and KRS-One, are, in his view, creating institutions that will ensure hip-hop's ability to galvanize the disenfranchised and spur social and political activism for years to come.
It features streetwise, take-charge kids and is written for those sometimes disenfranchised, always aching-for-adventure kids scattered about Suburbia like so much collateral damage of the modern age.