disease susceptibility

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dis·ease sus·cep·ti·bil·i·ty

(di-zēz sŭ-septi-bili-tē)
Predisposal to or having a risk of a disease.
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However, mean age of symptomatic case-patients was older than that of asymptomatic seropositive participants, indicating that age remains a factor in disease susceptibility (9).
Third, even if the differences between cases and controls are large, the fact that some genes are associated with specific lupus manifestations rather than with disease susceptibility.
However, genetic variations (in terms of allele frequency and linkage disequilibrium) and environmental factors (in terms of dietary patterns, alcohol, and smoking) often vary across different ethnicities and regions resulting in lack of consensus regarding the association of celiac disease susceptibility SNPs.
In strawberry disease susceptibility was affected by N- concentration and N-source, evidenced by largest B.
The researchers surmised that the characteristics of "shiftlessness, indolence, improvidence and inertia," which were attributed to the Indian race, were in fact a result of malnutrition: that disease susceptibility was from a lack of food.
Interleukin Genetics sold 500,000 pieces of its series B convertible preferred shares to its strategic partner, dental benefits provider Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, which has supported Interleukin Genetics' steps to advance its periodontal disease susceptibility risk test, PST.
The work the Carnegie Mellon team is undertaking opens up the possibility that practicing physicians will be able to diagnose disease, identify disease susceptibility and guide therapy selection as easily as they can now use Apple's Siri on the iPhone.
Investigating the human genome; insights into human variation and disease susceptibility.
In the world of horticulture, certain strains of plants, selected by observant gardeners, can be proven to have more or less resistance or susceptibility to certain problems - drought resistance, pest and disease susceptibility and variations in nutritional needs can all be seen in plants.
Cultural practices may influence nutritional properties, quality of mushrooms and disease susceptibility.
Detailed study on these parameters is warranted to establish their importance as the risk factors and disease susceptibility markers of CAD.
It is well known that early nutrition and immunity have an important role in disease susceptibility and health of human beings.