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 [dis´kus] (pl. dis´ci) (L.)
discus oo´phorus (discus ovi´gerus) (discus proli´�gerus) cumulus oophorus.
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, pl.


(lă-mel'ă, -mel'ē), [TA]
1. A thin sheet or layer (such as occurs in compact bone) or sublayer.
2. A preparation in the form of a medicated gelatin disc, used as a means of making local applications to the conjunctiva in place of solutions. Synonym(s): disc (2) [TA], discus [TA]
[L. dim. of lamina, plate, leaf]
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Q. where can i find a supportive groups that discuses ways to lose weight?

A. most clinics hold pamphlets of group therapy in various cases. if not you can just ask them- they are surly holding at least one phone number of a group like this.

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