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 [dis´kus] (pl. dis´ci) (L.)
discus oo´phorus (discus ovi´gerus) (discus proli´�gerus) cumulus oophorus.
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, pl.


(lă-mel'ă, -mel'ē), [TA]
1. A thin sheet or layer (such as occurs in compact bone) or sublayer.
2. A preparation in the form of a medicated gelatin disc, used as a means of making local applications to the conjunctiva in place of solutions. Synonym(s): disc (2) [TA], discus [TA]
[L. dim. of lamina, plate, leaf]
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Q. where can i find a supportive groups that discuses ways to lose weight?

A. most clinics hold pamphlets of group therapy in various cases. if not you can just ask them- they are surly holding at least one phone number of a group like this.

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"Allowing his hips to come through the throw and not forcing the finish so early and just allowing everything to work through the length of the discus. Sometimes being a strong man, where Ryan's a little bit bigger guy and he's got that power, they want to get in there and horsepower it at the end instead of relying on that last little bit of finesse."
Abalone Haliotis discus hannai were collected from Uljin (on the eastern sea of Korea), Wando, and Jeju Island (on southern sea of Korea) (Fig.
Earlier in the day the Team Wales captain at the Commonwealth Games at Glasgow had won the discus with 50.63 metres, but it was in his new specialist event that he took the starring role.
Prem Kumar ( long jump), Inderjeet Singh ( shot put), Vikas Gowda ( discus throw), Arjun ( discus throw), Devender Singh ( javelin throw), Neeraj Chopra ( javelin throw).
Bridgend's Aled Davies completed a golden double, throwing 46.46m in the discus to claim a second title following his F42 shot putt gold.
"The Commission commends efforts, such as the DISCUS 'Media Summits,' that bring together representatives of spirits, beer, and wine companies, as well as demographic services, new media outlets, and representatives of companies that provide compliance tools."
"I'm absolutely gutted I won't be able to defend my discus title.
"We have been been approached by UAE companies who want us to build the discus hotel for them.
While presenting a film and discussing a recent CNN report on the project, Majerski reviewed the global interest in the Water Discus Hotel.
Okoye, who came 12th in the discus event for Team GB at the London 2012 games, revealed on Twitter he would be going to San Francisco as an undrafted free agent.
If Ms Nedham makes it to the finals, she will be competing at the Olympic Stadium on September 3 at 7.05pm in the javelin and on September 7 at 10pm in the discus events.
I will continue," Poonia told Gulf News after her throw of 63.62 metres was enough to give her a seventh place in the discus final here late on Saturday.