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discretion (dis·kreˑ·shn),

n in Native American medicine, avoiding the act of bragging or revealing a dream helper's identity. This is one way of circumventing a breach of taboo. See breach of taboo.
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The modification of the CB's Law of 2012 entitles the Board of Directors to discretionally determine the level 'freely available reserves'.
He says that conditional registration, a provision of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act that allows the EPA to discretionally admit various pesticides to market in the absence of certain data, is at the heart of the issue.
An analytical-transversal study design was employed (Kelsey, Thompson, & Evans, 1986) to discretionally target five hundred individuals from two of the five New York City boroughs (Bronx 48.
In order to restore retirees' purchasing power, pensions were adjusted discretionally during 2003-2008.
17) However, non-tariff barriers often persist, and when opaque and discretionally applied, can dampen trade even more than tariffs.
The major critique formulated regarding the responsibility to protect doctrine was related to power disequilibrium, which allows major powers discretionally decide whether and where to intervene.