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discretion (dis·kreˑ·shn),

n in Native American medicine, avoiding the act of bragging or revealing a dream helper's identity. This is one way of circumventing a breach of taboo. See breach of taboo.
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Rumi (2014) empirically studies discretional transfers by the national government to Argentine provinces over the 1984-2003 period.
The above implies that for administrative dogmatism, discretional (or unregulated) acts are not those that are outside of the rule of law, but those: (i) of free appointment and removal, undertaken by the civil servants who do not make use of the Contentious Administrative Procedure Code, (CAPC) and, thus, must not apply the administrative procedure in their decision-making; (ii) executed by an administration with a deference of the judicial control, which grants it the technical characteristic of its functioning.
Furthermore, the discretional manager behaviour has an influence on corporate performance through the strategic management process.
0 0 0 0 Discretional Intervention 0 0 0 0 SALES (US $) 0 0 414 345 Participation (%) Options Call 0 0 100 100 International Reserve 0 0 0 100 Reduction Volatility Options 0 0 100 0 Sales to National Government 0 0 0 0 NET PURCHASES 319 629 -163 -238 2004 2005 2006 PURCHASES (US $) 2905 4658 1781 Participation (%) Options Put 54 0 33 International Reserve 48 0 0 Accumulation Volatility Options 6 0 33 $20 million/day aprox.
The previous model consisted of "minor's laws", based on the "irregular situation doctrine"--how it was known in Latin America--, which was distinguished by legal legitimacy of a discretional state intervention.
Discretional spend that, a few years ago, was cut back, has come back in a big way, so we're very encouraged.
after having submitted the project, the firm cannot turn to any other bureaucrat to obtain the license) and discretional power over granting the license (i.
Professionals therefore had to be chosen who could guarantee discretional use of the information they were going to handle, and they signed a confidentiality agreement with the Program wherein they agreed not to disclose said information.
With an inflation rate far from being dangerous and a stubborn recession, they look at the better performing economies of the US, England and Japan, spurred by the discretional measures taken by their central bankers.
As Bagnai emphasizes, government debt has increased as a result of automatic and discretional fiscal policies (5) in response to the global recession (the increase in public debt has been larger in the countries that were most severely hit by the crisis).
The comfort comes from the social support of the work colleagues, working in a determined place without the need to travel, discretional power to put into practice their own ideas and security of withholding the job.
Using a sliding data window, the STFT can obtain the time frequency characteristic of discretional spot.