discrete variable

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dis·crete var·i·a·ble

a variable that may assume only a countable (usually finite) number of values.


1. any type of measurement, quantitative or qualitative, of which a series of individual observations is made so that it has, as a principal characteristic, the potential for variability.
2. has the quality of variability.

variable agent
an agent in the cause of a disease which is capable of variation in intensity, e.g. weather, as contrasted to one that is not variable, e.g. Salmonella dublin.
concomitant v's
in experimental design these refer to factors that affect the dependent variable, but are not themselves influenced by the treatment (e.g. age of animal). The effect of concomitant variables can be removed by suitable experimental design or by including them in the model.
continuous variable
one in which all values within a given range are possible, e.g. birth weights of calves.
variable costs
costs which vary with the dimensions of the activity. Includes seed, fertilizer, teat dip, worm drench. Called also direct costs. See also fixed costs.
dependent variable
1. in statistics the variable predicted by a regression equation.
2. a variable which depends on other variables for its value.
discontinuous variable
see discrete variable (below).
discrete variable
one in which the possible values are not on a continuous scale, e.g. the number of sheep in a flock.
endogenous variable
dependent variable.
exogenous variable
independent or predetermined variable.
independent variable
one not dependent on other variables but capable of affecting dependent variables, thus an input variable.
spatial variable
a measurement relating to area or location.
temporal variable
one relating to chronological time.
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The corresponding elasticities (the percentage change in the probability of selling given a 1% change in the value of the variable) are given for the continuous variables, as is the difference in the sales probabilities as the discrete variables change from 0 to 1.
Genetic Algorithm for truss optimization with continuous and discrete variables.
However, these methods are faced with serious limitations in managing non-linear and discontinuous functions and have many local minimum and include discrete variables.
Further, Mike showed that models of discrete variables that allow for changes in variance outperform constant variance specifications.
The feasible space of the discrete variables is subdivided in the BB procedure.
In order to deal with discrete variables, PSO require mapping real variables to discrete variables or modify algorithm framework.
Analysis of the other discrete variables showed no significance to previous ESWL, presence of a ureteric stent or gender (Fig.
Cluster analysis by the Tocher's optimization procedure based on five discrete variables resulted in the formation of 8 groups (Table 6).
Ground reaction force-time histories and the values of the selected discrete variables normalized to body weight were typical of a vertical landing task (Table 1).
These are undeniably good outcomes, but restricting the inquiry to these discrete variables may result in insufficient empirical evidence to support hospital redesign.
1) Ten continuous and seven discrete variables were selected as independent variables in order to examine attitudinal, demographic, and psychographic information.
The strategy was tested under different conditions of overlap across populations on the continuous and on the discrete variables.

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