discrete variable

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dis·crete var·i·a·ble

a variable that may assume only a countable (usually finite) number of values.
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Compared with topology optimization with continuous variables, the researches on topology optimization of trusses with discrete variables are much less.
Statistical correlation means that, given two discrete variables X and Y measured for each case in a sample, variation in X corresponds (or on the contrary, does not) to variation in Y
At the other end there is a port information which is characterized by discrete variables, speed and strength, V * c and f * c [6].
Then, the discrete variables will be relaxed and they will be considered as real numbers.
2) Formulas given in theorem and its corollary, both for continuous and discrete variable, also apply if some of the extremities of support intervals [l(f),r(f)] and [l(g),r(g )] of functions f and g are infinite.
Comparison of G3-GA, DE with IABC for reconfigurable antenna array with discrete variable. Algorithm without ADR with ADR ADR fitness fitness G3-GA [10] 0.619 5.8026 0.2630 DE [13] 0.36 4.7190 0.16 MABC [16] 0.16 4.76 0.22 IABC 0.16 4.26 0.09 Table 4.
RONVEAUX, Onfourth-Order difference equations for orthogonal polynomials of a discrete variable: derivation, factorization and solutions, J.
Tillage practices were a discrete variable with eight categories representing different types of tillage systems.
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