discrete skill

dis·crete skill

(dis-krēt' skil)
A task or motor pattern that has a well-defined beginning and end (e.g., moving from sitting to standing, catching a ball).
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Exact Path promotes academic growth by closing discrete skill gaps and ensuring that students receive the fundamental skills necessary to succeed.
In contrast to the traditional division of medicine and surgery, in 1951 ABOG and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' (ACOG) vision was based on the comprehensive care of women rather than a discrete skill set.
Often a practitioner will identify an area for improvement that is general or vague, for example, "I'd like to improve my motivational interviewing skills." The supervisor must help the practitioner refine the area for improvement into a discrete skill. The more specifically the skill is defined, the easier it will be to use field mentoring to teach or improve the skill.
For CBE to achieve its full potential as a disruptive force in higher education, employers must recognize the validity of specifc competencies, assigning labor-market value to the discrete skill bundles required for a targeted job opportunity.
Sliding front kick Session 1 Discrete skill 1 and 2 Serial skill 1 Session 2 Revision Serial skill 2 Discrete skill 3 and 4 Session 3 Revision Serial skill 3 Discrete skill 5 and 6 Session 4 Revision Serial skill 4 Discrete skill 7 and 8 Session 5 Revision on all discrete skills Serial skill 5 Session 6 Discrete skill 1, 2, 3 and 4 Serial skill 1, 2 and 3 Session 7 Discrete skill 5,6, 7 and 8 Serial skill 4 and 5 Session 8 Serial skill 1 to 5 Session 9 Discrete skill 1-7 Session 10 Serial skill 1-5 Session 11 Whole routine Session 12 Whole routine Table 3.
Using a naturalistic and thematic approach to language intervention offers opportunities for discrete skill instruction, having controlled, structured tasks that are reflected in meaningful activities (Ukrainetz, 2006).
Part of the reason for this is the 2010 National Education Technology Plan, which states, "Technology should be an integral component of teaching methods courses and field experiences rather than treated as a discrete skill distinct from pedagogical application."
Our intention in examining Ivey's actual teaching interviews (Ivey et al., 1997) is to examine confrontation, not as a discrete skill but as a dialogic accomplishment coconstructed or completed between himself and his client (in this case by his wife, Mary Bradford Ivey).
Although grammar is often taught as a discrete skill, in communicative, integrated curricula it is usually taught in the context of speaking or writing.
The 1:10 clinical ratio, use of simple to complex as the core curricular framework, and presenting content as disconnected units so that students experience the progression of nursing courses as discrete skill sets are examples of curricular approaches that have not altered significantly.
In addition to providing a full mentoring service, the system also has the capacity to offer more discrete skill building, knowledge-based information sharing, or advocacy for the mentee and mentor with specific needs or limited time for this commitment.
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