discrete skill

dis·crete skill

(dis-krēt' skil)
A task or motor pattern that has a well-defined beginning and end (e.g., moving from sitting to standing, catching a ball).
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For supported employment, a practitioner might identify a discrete skill such as "to improve my ability to describe the strengths of a particular client that match the expressed needs of the employer" rather than the generic skill goal "to improve my job development skills.
Start-up culture and entrepreneurialism have emerged as important markers and elements of the global economy and they are driven as much by personal interest, passion, and collaboration as by discrete skill sets.
Sliding front kick Session 1 Discrete skill 1 and 2 Serial skill 1 Session 2 Revision Serial skill 2 Discrete skill 3 and 4 Session 3 Revision Serial skill 3 Discrete skill 5 and 6 Session 4 Revision Serial skill 4 Discrete skill 7 and 8 Session 5 Revision on all discrete skills Serial skill 5 Session 6 Discrete skill 1, 2, 3 and 4 Serial skill 1, 2 and 3 Session 7 Discrete skill 5,6, 7 and 8 Serial skill 4 and 5 Session 8 Serial skill 1 to 5 Session 9 Discrete skill 1-7 Session 10 Serial skill 1-5 Session 11 Whole routine Session 12 Whole routine Table 3.
The 1:10 clinical ratio, use of simple to complex as the core curricular framework, and presenting content as disconnected units so that students experience the progression of nursing courses as discrete skill sets are examples of curricular approaches that have not altered significantly.
They felt guilty for reverting to the use of paper-and-pencil tests to assess their children's discrete skill knowledge.
Information relating to the available supply of talent and the competitive demand for each discrete skill is provided along with candidate profiles that precisely match their needs.
Each of these is then further divided into sub-categories, mapping out 97 discrete skills.
She had discrete skills and interests--fashion, for one, as well as graphic arts and music--which she was eager to apply in her schoolwork.
Administered periodic formative and summative assessments to test student acquisition of discrete skills based on CCSS standards.
Effective teaching avoids a narrow image of early literacy as the acquisition of a set of discrete skills.
It asserts that the elements that constitute effective teaching can be broken down into discrete skills and then packaged and distributed to a wider group of learners via digital media.
For Willingham, our overemphasis on discrete skills "may be the single biggest factor holding back reading achievement in the country" (2009, p.
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