denumerable character

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de·nu·mer·a·ble char·ac·ter

classifiable character that is also countable (for example, number of progeny, number of teeth).
Synonym(s): discrete character
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When we become aware that one plank is beech while another is English elm, an aspect of each piece's discrete character is illuminated.
More serious is the problem of chemical inhomogeneity of the deposited metal because of discrete character of the additive metal feeding to the continuously moving solidification front.
Fractal-based point processes--which exhibit both the scaling properties of fractals and the discrete character of random point processes according to Lowen (psychiatry, Harvard Medical School) and Teich (electrical and computer engineering, Boston U.)--have the ability to represent physical and biological phenomena from information-packet arrivals on a computer network to action-potential occurrences in a neural preparation.
Because the values for both of these continuously distributed variables form nonoverlapping groups [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2A OMITTED], translation to discrete character states (e.g., integer values required by some parsimony-based programs such as PAUP) is relatively straightforward.
Among other topics, chapters include discussions of distance data, discrete character data, sequence alignment, and vicariance biogeography.
robustus examined for all three discrete characters, only one (from the Chisos Mountains) possessed robustus-like forms for all three characters, as described by Ruedas (1998).
Although more data per se may not solve some of the more pressing systematic problems, genome sequences increase the chances of identifying useful discrete characters that are less susceptible to homoplasy.
Do the Davids and Andreas that appear in the stories simply share the same name, or are they discrete characters? If the latter, why do they sound alike?
Doubles and diptychs abound in these poems, allowing Matthias to draw connections between apparently discrete characters and phenomena.
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