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Past studies that have examined the association between sexual desire discrepancy and sexual satisfaction in college/university samples have had inconsistent findings.
Therefore, if we adjust the discrepancy rate by subtracting the part for which the WSI diagnosis was better, we derive an "adjusted major discrepancy rate" of 1 (part) for this case.
Factor Concentrate (ATC code B02BD02) 27,000,000 (-) 25% discrepancy
Tao devised a full solution proving that Erdos was right: The discrepancy can grow infinitely large.
Taken as a whole, this body of research supports SCT by suggesting that discrepancy production is a common tendency in achievement settings.
Under normal circumstances, the father makes the comparison and, if discrepancy exists, has the option of modifying his behavior to reduce the discrepancy between appraisal and standard.
In Northern Ireland, additional and external specialist support for children assessed as having dyslexia is generally allocated using a discrepancy model.
The first category comprises methods that employ discrepancy between achievement and ability as a major criterion.
One major change relevant to persons with visible disabilities emerged from controlled experiments on an individual's perceived rate of progress relative to the perceived discrepancy size.
Future research should attempt to replicate these findings and explain the discrepancy between boys' self-reports and parent reports of children's self-reliance for diabetes tasks.
I think at a certain point the discrepancy, even though 21 years is wrong, the difference is so small that I don't think the case law would require the request be granted,'' Fleck said.
In December, DISAM made a short site visit to discuss the presentations with the course sponsor, Kairi Raudsepp of the logistics department of the Ministry of Defense and to gather an array of foreign military sales (FMS) cases, billing documents, requisition reports and discrepancy reports.