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Forensics (1) The ascertainment of that which was not previously known
(2) The disclosure or coming to light of what was previously hidden
(3) The acquisition of knowledge of given facts or acts
Malpractice Events, documents and facts assembled between the time a lawsuit has been filed and before trial, which can be used to defend or prosecute alleged malpractice
Molecular biology See Gene discovery
Therapeutics See Drug discovery
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Malpractice Events, documents and facts assembled between the time a lawsuit has been filed and before trial which can be used to defend or prosecute a malpractice case
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Pretrial device used to obtain or discover all information, facts, and circumstances surrounding the allegations at issue in the lawsuit. Techniques include interrogatories, requests for production of documents and things, admissions of facts, physical and mental examinations, and depositions.
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Patient discussion about discovery

Q. A tumor was discovered in my kidney how should I prepare myself to the future events?

A. sorry to hear...there are all sorts of tumors in kidneys but generally i recommend first of all talking to your family and explain the situation. but only after you understand what it is and what that means. you will need a lot of support and you don't want to leave your loved ones in the darkness about it. believe me that is the basic in preparing yourself to any tumor therapy.
good luck!!
you'll be fine i'm sure!!

Q. what tests do i need to do in order to discover cancer on advance to increase the recovery chance?

A. it's complicated. if there are no signs for it- there is a slim chance you'll get any diagnose. there are do many types of cells in the body.

Q. What are the sides effects the one can be expect after ADHD as been discovered? What are the main symptoms?

A. there are no "side effects". there are three very definite symptoms:
hyperactivity- moving all the time.
short attention span- cannot be focused in something for more them few minutes.
impulsiveness- doing things "without thinking first" (running to the road after a baseball).

there may be only 2 of those symptoms appearing and in different severity.

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