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n 1. an allowance or deduction made from a gross sum.
v 2. to reduce the amount of a professional fee.
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I had to summon a good deal of courage to take a student who had been studying cube root and "banking and discount," and explain to him that the wisest thing for him to do first was thoroughly master the multiplication table.
Air Canada has been selected as the official airline for the 2007 CFMTA-MTNA-RCM Collaborative Conference and is offering exclusive discounts through their Meetings and Conventions Travel Services program.
2006), rev'g TC Memo 2001-175, the Ninth Circuit addressed whether advance trade discounts are required to be included in income in the year of receipt.
During the valuation of your casting facility, the business appraiser may apply discounts or premiums, depending on the circumstances.
The affinity agreement guarantees TEI members significant discounts on both new and renewal subscriptions.
Reasonable in theory, valuation discounts sparked IRS scrutiny--and for good reason.
This month, The CPA Letter Member Benefits feature describes the services and benefits that the Institute offers--from valuable information resources to discounts on products to special rates on insurance.
But some health insurance today, even from major companies, has such bad drug coverage that patients may need to buy many of their prescriptions out of pocket despite the insurance, so the Medicare card discounts might be useful.
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power misses out on millions of dollars of savings by not paying bills on contracts quickly enough to get discounts, three Los Angeles City Council members said Wednesday.
Popular hotel franchises are offering lodging discounts for DAV members.
In some states, there were actually laws against giving tuition discounts," he points out, "and since they were given anyway, it really had to be covered up, so people were unwilling to talk about it in public.
The discounts will be applied automatically to your account, no matter how many shipments you make.