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n 1. an allowance or deduction made from a gross sum.
v 2. to reduce the amount of a professional fee.
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Pacific Western's Airport Express is offering a discounted rate to attendees who purchase tickets online at www.
Though they will likely be strong sellers, Muscat noted that as they've already been discounted before Christmas, the bargains won't go up much.
com, provides CalCPA members a one-stop shop for human resource services at discounted rates.
We're focusing on where we're going to compete tomorrow," said Bob Wadsworth, director of product management for Blue Shield of California, which offers discounted alternative-medicine programs.
Is the discounted price lower than the prices that the supplier offers to a buyer that: (i) generates a volume of business for the supplier that is the same or greater than the volume of Part A business generated by the PPS SNF, but (ii) does not have any potentially available Part B or other federal healthcare program business?
Some types of discounted debt instruments include corporate bonds, municipal bonds, certificates of deposit, stripped bonds, and collateralized debt obligations.
The employer estimates the current market value of the pension liability by finding the present value of the future cash flows discounted with this current market rate.
Section 473 removes a restriction on the "kinds and maturities" of notes, drafts, and bills of exchange that can be discounted for individuals, partnerships, and corporations under the authority of section 13(3).
They discounted the sisters minority holdings, however, and tried to pay them $5.
Another way to value common stock is known as the discounted cash flow ("DCF") method.