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used with reference to any species. Indicates that the animal is in a lean, lightweight condition, usually young and in most cases recently weaned. They are in a growing in stature phase and ready for good pasture so that in 2 to 5 months they have grown well and are ready for sale as replacement heifers or to go into lots as feeders.

forward store
meat sheep in good enough condition to go to the butcher but in need of topping off to be classified as prime.

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Q. I have fibromyalgia, too. Is that what is in store for me in the future? A woman in Massachusetts who had fibromyalgia recently committed suicide. I have fibromyalgia, too. Is that what is in store for me in the future?

A. Oh not at all. Her suicide is an indictment of that part of the health care system to which she had access-and I'm not talking about the doctor, who assisted her. This woman sought the help of many physicians, one of whom seems to have recognized fibromyalgia but apparently didn't suggest the proper course of treatment. The others took the "it's all in your head" approach so familiar to most people with fibromyalgia, particularly if they are women. Her doctors gave her drugs--apparently large quantities of antidepressants, painkillers, and narcotics--but apparently none talked to her about the importance of nutrition, or about how essential it is to keep moving when you have fibromyalgia. Some gave her sleeping pills, but none considered that almost all sleeping pills interfere with the deep, restorative sleep that is essential to managing fibromyalgia. No one seems to have taken her irritable bowel syndrome seriously enough to have helped her to overcome it.

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