internal phase

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in·ter·nal phase

the particles contained in a colloid solution.
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in·ter·nal phase

(in-tĕr'năl fāz)
The particles contained in a colloid solution.
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Moreover, with the strengthening of self-identity, the phase transition of the user decision in the rumor propagation system changes from the continuous phase to the discontinuous phase.
The parameter showed continuous increase with [[PHI].sub.d] implying that the matrix polymer is softened in the presence of the rubbery discontinuous phase. Similar observation was reported in other works too (31), (34).
In bicomponent blend systems, the most viscous phase tends to become the discontinuous phase during intensive mixing.
The discontinuous phase constituted approximately 80 to 90% of the structure and it is suggested that it consists of PES.
Because polybutadiene is the main component in the SBS block copolymer, it corresponds to the matrix and polystyrene corresponds to the discontinuous phase (domain) in the micrographs.
The blend is biphasic with continuous and discontinuous phases. The continuous phase has a 40[degrees]C glass transition, indicating a polylactide homopolymer; this continuous phase can be oriented, changing the implant's properties.
Which polymer, in a hetero geneous copolymer, has the most influence on dynamic prop erties depends on which forms the continuous and the discontinuous phases. If, for example, the PMMA grafted natural rubber is cast from a solvent in which the natural rubber has less solubility, the PMMA forms the continuous phase, with nodules of natural rubber dispersed in it.
Further increase in the PMS content does not increase the domain size [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3F OMITTED] but forms two discontinuous phases. The mechanical properties of this sample therefore degrade drastically.

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