Not paired in action or joined together; the opposite of conjugate. See: disconjugate movement of eyes.
[L. dis-, apart, + jugatus, yoked]
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The eyes have served as a window into the brain, with disconjugate eye movements -- eyes rotating in opposite directions - considered a principal marker for head trauma as early as 3,500 years ago.
All other forms point to a central problem such as direction changing, disconjugate, seesaw, pendular, congenital and gaze nystagmus.
Central problems may cause prolonged, disconjugate or cross coupling nystagmus (vertical nystagmus following horizontal shaking).
1) is disconjugate on the interval [c, d], if there is no nontrivial solution of (6.
1) is said to be nonoscillatory on [[tau], [infinity]) if there exists c [member of] [[tau], [infinity]) such that this equation is disconjugate on [c, d] for every d > c.
However, after the onset of the blindness, he was found to have a disconjugate gaze with poor extraocular motility (worse in the left eye), and he was not able to perceive hand movements in front of his eyes.
With the neuroinvasive form, the patient usually develops progressive disorientation, confusion, dysphagia, dysarthria, proximal extremity weakness evolving into flaccid paralysis, and other cranial nerve abnormalities including disconjugate gaze and diplopia.
BOSTON -- Intermittent disconjugate gaze, a form of intermittent ocular muscle dysfunction, is a feature of the nonalcoholic steatohepatitis syndrome, according to a study of 119 consecutive outpatients with a variety of liver diseases.
Her neurologic exam showed a disconjugate gaze, right-sided nystagmus, ataxia, and dysmetria.