Not paired in action or joined together; the opposite of conjugate. See: disconjugate movement of eyes.
[L. dis-, apart, + jugatus, yoked]
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Equation (1.2a) is called disconjugate on an interval [a, b] if and only if all solutions of equation (1.2a) have at most one zero on the interval [a, b].
where [f.sup.+](t) = max{f (t), 0} then equation (1.2a) is disconjugate on [a, b].
Erbe that if for any solution x(t, [gamma]) of equation (1.1) the respective equation of variations (1.3) is disconjugate then there is no more than a unique solution of the BVP.
In the set S(u, v) there is a solution with the equation of variations (1.3) such that it is not disconjugate in the interval (a, b).
Spasmus nutans syndrome is a rare disorder, causing (in combination): a high frequency, low amplitude nystagmus of a disconjugate nature; irregular head nodding; an abnormal head posture.
All other forms point to a central problem such as direction changing, disconjugate, seesaw, pendular, congenital and gaze nystagmus.
Central problems may cause prolonged, disconjugate or cross coupling nystagmus (vertical nystagmus following horizontal shaking).
A solution x(n) of (1.1) is said to be disconjugate on [[n.sub.0], [infinity]) if each of the components is disconjugate on [[n.sub.0], [infinity]).
We say that (6.1) is disconjugate on the interval [c, d], if there is no nontrivial solution of (6.1) with two (or more) generalized zeros in [c, d].
However, after the onset of the blindness, he was found to have a disconjugate gaze with poor extraocular motility (worse in the left eye), and he was not able to perceive hand movements in front of his eyes.
BOSTON -- Intermittent disconjugate gaze, a form of intermittent ocular muscle dysfunction, is a feature of the nonalcoholic steatohepatitis syndrome, according to a study of 119 consecutive outpatients with a variety of liver diseases.
Initial examination in the emergency department indicated miotic pupils (2 mm and equal), CNS depression, and a disconjugate gaze.