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radiography of the vertebral column after injection of radiopaque material into an intervertebral disk.
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Historically, radiographic demonstration of intervertebral disk by injection of contrast media into the nucleus pulposus.
[disco- + G. graphō, to write]
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, discography (dis-kog′ră-fē) [ disk + -graphy]
Use of a contrast medium injected into an intervertebral disk so that it can be examined radiographically.


Diskography may increase the risk of disk degeneration and herniation.
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Application of needle and similar materials, which are used during IDET and such intradiscal treatments, into disc space has infection risk.5 However, although development of spondylodiscitis has been reported after other intradiscal techniques especially diagnostic discography, infection associated with IDET has not been specified.8 A number of specialists apply intradiscal and/or intravenous antibiotics prophylactically during IDET.
A total of 41 eligible patients were identified to undergo provocative discography. Twenty-five patients with concordant pain were enrolled; however, two of these were lost to follow-up for no identifiable reason.
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18 out of 40 patients were dropped out of the study in the period before the provocative discography because of improvement in low back pain (LBP) or refusal of ISI treatment.
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