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radiography of the vertebral column after injection of radiopaque material into an intervertebral disk.
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Historically, radiographic demonstration of intervertebral disk by injection of contrast media into the nucleus pulposus.
[disco- + G. graphō, to write]
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, discography (dis-kog′ră-fē) [ disk + -graphy]
Use of a contrast medium injected into an intervertebral disk so that it can be examined radiographically.


Diskography may increase the risk of disk degeneration and herniation.
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To date, no scholarly or even non-scholarly discographical survey of Thai popular music has existed.
On 30 June, the session Sound Alliances and Discographical Research was chaired by Andrew Justice.
After all, if you're curious about chronology, you can always check the discographical info that's included.
Established in 2002 under the editorship of Rick Anderson, and envisioned as a revival of the long-time "Index to Record Reviews" column (a feature in Notes from 1947 to 1997), the column included both reviews of individual recordings and discographical essays.
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Although Tom's inaugural column features "Briefly Noted" reviews of specific recordings, his upcoming columns will continue the tradition of discographical review essays on selected genres, composers, instruments, or other topics.
Here, if someone is interested in researching a particular piece, especially without knowing the date of composition, one first has to locate it in the alphabetical list of works; find the numerical code and look that up in the catalog of works, organized by genre; and then consult more codes for discographical and videographical information.
There has never been an established academic course in discographical methods nor is the study of discography part of the educational requirements for music librarians or even audio archivists.
Album art is provided by Amazon, while biographical and discographical information is taken from Allmusic.com, which is affiliated with the All Music Guides monographic series.
Schlacks bases discographical information on his own extensive LP collection and those of specialists in the field.
As of June 2006, Virtual Gramophone included 13,000 titles and 4,700 audio files, all of which include complete discographical information; additional content appears to have been added in January 2007.
Rather than a separate discography, relocating the discographical information to the beginning of each album's discussion would perhaps have been more useful.