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disclusion (diskloo´zhən),

n a separation of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth directly and simply by opening the jaws, or indirectly in excursions by the anterior teeth.
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In the first phase, after analyzing the digital data of T-scan, enameloplasty (reduction) or addition to teeth with composites is done in such a way, and immediate posterior disclusion in <0.
5 s disclusion time and the entire craniofacial physiology is at its best health.
7 The occlusal features were restored and we were able to provide canine guidance at both sides and incisal guidance with posterior disclusion.
This created the angle of hinge rotation required to produce the average disclusion during protrusive movement.
This created angle of hinge rotation to ensure the average disclusion during lateral movement.
This custom incisal table, called an incisal table with disclusion incorporated predetermined degrees of disclusion.
The incisal table without disclusion was initially used in the articulator.