discharge summary

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discharge summary

 A document prepared by the attending physician of a hospitalized Pt that summarizes the admitting diagnosis, diagnostic procedures performed, therapy received while hospitalized, clinical course during hospitalization, prognosis, and plan of action upon the Pt's discharge with stated time to followup
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discharge summary

A document that outlines the details of the hospitalization of a patient.

Patient care

It is prepared when the patient is released from a health care facility and incorporated in her permanent medical records. It should ideally include the explanation for the patient's admission; a record of her complaints, physical findings, laboratory results and radiographic studies while hospitalized; a list of changes in her medications at discharge; and recommendations for follow up care. For optimal patient care it should be transmitted to or reviewed with her outpatient primary care provider.

Synonym: discharge abstract
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In the Department of Paediatrics at CHBAH, each discharge summary is completed by hand, in triplicate, using a carbon-paper pro forma template; one copy of the summary is filed in the patient-retained outpatient file and the second in the hospital archive, while the third is sent for capture into an electronic database maintained by the Respiratory and Meningeal Pathogens Research Unit (RMPRU).
Aspects of discharge summary in this study: 16.2% of inpatient medical record is incomplete in comparison with study done in Canada which shows discharge summaries were assessed for completeness and accuracy.
Regarding discharge summaries we may state that the documentation they receive at the end of their treatment in Hungary can be used abroad providing continuity of care (26), since language barriers do not play a significant role and the content might be coherent with a standardised, harmonised EU-wide discharge summary (26).
The electronic patient record system of the Trust (PARIS: Patient Record Information System) was used to study the discharge summary letters.
Information on all of the patient's prescription and nonprescription medications should be collected from the patient/ caregiver, the discharge summary, prescription bottles, home visits, and pharmacies.
Get copies of investigation reports and discharge summary for own records as the original papers will be kept by the hospital.
* to analyse the quality of injury-related information from the key source documents: Discharge Summary; Ambulance Report; Emergency Department notes; and Progress Notes in the medical record
"This is a way patients can exchange that information with health care providers and the health care providers can efficiently receive information about patients, whether it's lab reports, a discharge summary or their prescription history."
When a person is discharged from the hospital, a discharge summary is prepared.
Stage 2 advances to two very high-priority use cases for transitions in care: for hospitals, the discharge summary, and for EPs, the referral request.
The patient / attendant should clearly be informed about the importance of the pending test result and it should be endorsed in the discharge summary for appropriate follow up.
They didn't admit her or treat her because she was not carrying any reports or the discharge summary.

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