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The data elements that any authorization system needs to collect include the member's name, birth date, plan ID number, eligibility status, and primary physician; the referral provider; the date of referral service; diagnoses involved in the treatment decision (in standard ICD-9CM codes); the number of visits to a subspecialist that are approved; and the anticipated discharge date.
Period of study--The data in this article are grouped by the discharge date and by the Federal fiscal year, which extends from October through September.
The study suggests that the key factors that help reduce hospital readmissions are prioritizing the timing of telephone outreach based on the discharge date and severity of the case.
The additional $750 discount from Harbin Automotive is offered to active, reserve or retired military personnel or their spouse, and also to all discharged veterans within one year of their discharge date.
Economic factors should not override clinical judgment in deciding on a discharge date.
Physicians and hospitals must learn to scrutinize every aspect of a patient's care, beginning well before hospital services are needed and extending beyond the hospital discharge date.
Two years beyond the discharge date, the difference was even more striking: 12 percent of successful participants had been incarcerated vs.
The information included patient identifier, admission date, discharge date, and primary diagnosis, coded using the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification (Public Health Service and Health Care Financing Administration, 1978).
All honorably discharged veterans are eligible regardless of discharge date.
GOALS - Therapy had specific measurable goals written down by nursing, along with an estimated discharge date (EDD), based on the planned disposition of the resident.
Estimation of a discharge date and of potential problems, such as being unable to return to home or a referring facility.
As soon as your child has a discharge date, the appropriate equipment will be determined and should be ordered and set up before your child leaves the hospital.