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requests can be mitigated by lexical and syntactic downgraders, such as "I was wondering if you could" and "Do you think you could," as well as supportive moves, like disarmers (e.
Effects of length of stay abroad on production of specific request mitigators REQUEST PROFICIENCY LEVEL MODIFICATOR TYPE Disarmer Group 1 (4 months - 6 months) Group 2 (7 months - 5 years) Group 3 (5 and 1/2 years - 16 years) Promise of Reward Group 1 (4 months - 6 months) Group 2 (7 months - 5 years) Group 3 (5 and 1/2 years - 16 years) REQUEST MEAN F SIG.
He cannot understand how Mr Blair has moved from being a moral disarmer to a hawk who seems to relish the prospect of war.
a downtoner, a disarmer, and the combination of past tense, aspect, and conditional clause) were the easiest for intermediate second language learners to learn.
Richard Allen, Reagan's first National Security Adviser, claimed the president "was always a disarmer at heart.
Why not, Bush must have reasoned, make a virtue of necessity and glean the political benefits of appearing as a bold and visionary disarmer when the weapons would have to be eliminated sooner or later anyway?
The strategies used to present this request were: opener (RSM), grounder (RSM), statement of facts (RHA), preparatory (RHA), disarmer (RSM), gratitude (rSM).
Although not a unilateral disarmer, his success in telling the politicians that they could not toss atom bombs about and expect to get away with it may have saved all our lives.
Lorimer -- disarmer and (qualified) democrat -- was more radical: rather to Bluntschli's alarm, who regarded his federal scheme as `an international republic'.