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The process of becoming disabled; generally thought to include biologic, functional, and social components.
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While the disablement is a technical issue, the declaration is a politically strategic one which requires lots of thought," Kim Sung-Han, an international politics professor at Korea University, said.
Thus, those with deficits in IADL's might be inappropriately provided benefits without an additional screen to assure equivalency Furthermore, a frequency count of IADL disabilities would not necessarily appropriately reflect the severity of disablement as does a frequency count of ADL's.
For example, if all employees receive the same medical coverage on disability--regardless of their length of service--medical benefits for disabled employees are accrued at the date of disablement and not over the employee's service period.
This piece and its companion Lazyboy Jesus, 1991-92, in which a dime-store image of Christ sits on a Naugahyde La-Z-Boy armchair, suggest psychological disablement, the inability to experience the spiritual amidst the noise of materialism, kitsch, television, and our own laziness.
I FEEL I must contact you regarding the disablement and limb centre at Fazakerley, Aintree hospital.
It does not matter how long the person has been working for an employer before s/he can claim Disablement Benefit.
Manchester Disablement Services Centre provides Wheelchair Services for approximately 11,200 service users within the Manchester and Trafford areas per annum.
MDM features being demonstrated include enforced password, remote device lock, disablement of device camera functionality, disablement of non-approved application installation and disablement of back-up to non-approved cloud storage providers.
Ministry of Defence (MoD) cutbacks will result in an increase in the number of rejected claims for war disablement pensions, the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association (NGVFA) fears.
He had no visual signs of disablement and no blue card.
A couple of years ago, she was awarded pounds 5 million compensation for her loss of earnings (she should be so lucky) and disablement for life as a result of the MRSA.
It means miners with the disease who have worked underground for 10 years or more are eligible to claim Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB).

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