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Meanwhile, 26% of disabled staff had reported being harassed, bullied or abused by a colleague, compared to 15% of non-disabled staff.
He said disabled people tended to have less schooling years than others, resulting in the acquisition of limited skills and educational qualifications.
were violating job quota for disabled and compile a report
Mozammel Haque, who became frustrated due to his disability, received the appointment letter from a job fair for the disabled. He is now an official of ESKE Clothing, a readymade garment factory in Ashulia.
The participation of disabled people in the electoral process was encouraging, he added.
Education: Fewer disabled people have higher levels of education which may make it harder to get jobs with higher rates of pay.
"Some argue that if a disabled person cannot enter the place in a wheelchair, you could piggyback them, but those who have spine problems or other muscle issues cannot even be carried by one other person.
"We want disabled persons to register with the national council to benefit," she said.
It also found that disabled people are much more likely to be in poverty than non-disabled people.
"It is true that the date of application should be considered, but that's in normal cases and should have nothing to do with the disabled.
The largest differences between the share of disabled people and non-disabled people being at risk of poverty or social exclusion were observed in Bulgaria (63.7 per cent for disabled people compared with 44.1 per cent for non-disabled people), followed by Belgium, Estonia and the United Kingdom.

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