dirgha (dērˑ·gh),

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If this were the case, it would be difficult to explain why Maitreya appears only once in the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya (Four-Part Vinaya T 1428) and also only once in the Dirgha Agama T 1) (94) of the Dharmaguptakas.
1[degrees][degrees] Hirakawa regards the Dirgha Agama as largely agreeing with the Dhannaguptaka Vinaya in saying: "Give to 'the Buddha as head and the Order of the four directions.
The Dirgha Agama in Chinese translation is widely attributed to the Dharmaguptakas, (102) and it is therefore no wonder that the stock phrase in the Dirgha Agama tallies with that in the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya as Hirakawa remarks.
According to Sengzhao's Mfg (384-414) (106) preface to the Dirgha Agama, Zhu Fonian translated (31) the Dirgha Agama and the Dharmaguptaka Vinayal[degrees]7 recited (Ha) by Buddhayagas.
For the Dharmaguptalca, see the Dirgha Agama at T I 15b:
Talking to the Post, Health Secretary Dr, Dirgha Singh Bam said the bill has not been enacted due to unstable government and unhealthy politics, although it was submitted to the Cabinet for submission to parliament for enactment some half a year ago.
Her collection of long narrative poems, Dirgha kavita (Long Poems; 1985), won a Maharashtra state award.
Thus the Senior collection, as far as its contents have been analyzed to date, consists mostly of sutra texts, especially ones that correspond to sutras of the Samyukta category in other Buddhist canons, but also sutras of the Dirgha and Madhyama class, as well as one text (the Anavatapta-gatha) which in other canons is not classed as a sutra.
Remarkably a similar expression refers to human beings in 2, 27, 14 (ma no dirgha abhi nasan tamisrah).