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a listing of the files in a computer storage device, such as an area of a hard drive or other storage device. A device may contain many directories to facilitate organization of files.


n 1. an organized list of names, organizations, or other data bases for ease of retrieval or reference.
n 2. the listing of files in a computer storage system.
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The more prominent drivers influencing directory management can be segmented into two groups: Business and Technical.
RadiantOne provides an abstraction layer to disparate data and acts as a directory without requiring ongoing, costly and complex data integration.
Active Directory is a distributed, peer-to-peer system with a great deal of redundancy and represents, among other things, Microsoft's response to the threat of the Novell Directory Service (NDS), which has a considerable lead in development time and installed base over Active Directory.
Organized alphabetically by major industry groups, this completely updated directory provides information on each industry's associations, newsletters, magazines, trade shows, directories, databases and industry web sites.
With its powerful CMDB and custom reporting, ECM for Active Directory allows users to monitor change over time on the Active Directory like no other product," said Andrew Bird, vice president, Configuresoft.
5 acting as a authentication proxy server and a kerberized service for Windows Active Directory, they were able to create a seamless, global directory and common authentication service between their non-Windows applications and their internal system in a matter of weeks.
In addition to the new management console, Quest has enhanced several of its Active Directory products.
The improved INFONXX TextDirect Suite provides wireless carriers with a key platform to exploit plain old directory assistance into a "Trusted Franchise," a ubiquitous gateway for consumers to obtain the same trusted directory information for everything from events to sports scores.
Furthermore, I am pleased that Clarke Directory Publications will be associated with a company that shares the same values," said Mr.
The combination of Active Directory and Full Armor's new PolicyPortal Web-based management package melds two best-of-breed products and creates one of the industry's most comprehensive, granular management and security packages," said Laura DiDio, a Research Fellow at Yankee Group, a Boston-based consultancy.
Select the Section of the directory to view (Yellow Pages, White pages, Government Pages, Community Pages, Area Maps, etc.
Change Manager also proactively prevents changes to the most critical Active Directory objects, Group Policy objects (GPOs) and configuration settings.

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