directly observed therapy

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directly observed therapy (DOT),

visual monitoring by a health care worker of patients' ingestion of medications, to ensure compliance in difficult or long-term regimens, such as in oral treatment for tuberculosis; a contentious aspect of some WHO programs.

directly observed therapy

Therapeutics A strategy for ensuring Pt compliance with therapy, where a health care worker or designee watches the Pt swallow each dose of prescribed drugs. See Patient compliance. Cf Directed observation.

directly observed therapy



Oral administration of a drug or of drugs to a patient under supervision to ensure the drug is swallowed. DOT is esp. important in treating patients with infectious diseases (e.g., HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis) in which development of drug-resistant microorganisms is likely to threaten public health if the drug is not taken exactly as prescribed.
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Risk factor (n = 995) (n = 533) Excessive alcohol use ([paragraph]) 230 (24) 88 (17) Drug use ([paragraph]) 121 (13) 30 (6) Correctional inmate at diagnosis 51 (5) 13 (2) Human immunodeficiency virus status Positive 134 (13) 23 (4) Negative 640 (64) 327 (61) Unknown 221 (22) 183 (34) Treatment characteristic Directly observed therapy ** (n = 1,239) (n = 687) All 823 (70) 396 (60) Part 284 (24) 166 (25) None (all self-administered) 77 (7) 94 (14) Completed therapy within (n = 1,125) (n = 605) 1 year ** 908 (81) 484 (80) Anti TB-drug resistance ([dagger][dagger]) (n = 709) (n = 397) Isoniazid 26 (4) 15 (4) Isoniazid and rifampin 3 (<1) 1 (<1) Southeastern states Total Risk factor/ Treatment characteristic No.
These funds support clinics and laboratories, administer directly observed therapy, intensify investigation of latent infection in persons at high risk for active disease, sponsor clinical and epidemiologic research, and expand surveillance to monitor the impact of these efforts.
Drug resistance occurs through noncompliance and inadequate therapy Widespread noncompliance has made directly observed therapy highly desirable.
As a result, the completion of the TB Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) mobile application and rollout of devices will be deferred until 2015.
The other did not have contraindications for RZ and received RZ twice a week by directly observed therapy (DOT).
Although the difference between using directly observed therapy once- or twiceweekly potentially saves a modest amount of money--about $1.
Description: The project focuses on three major objectives: 1) improve early detection of suspected TB cases (early diagnostics) in general health facilities; 2) strengthen the quality of full implementation of Directly Observed Therapy Strategy (DOTS) nationwide; and 3) provide modest physical rehabilitation of badly deteriorated TB clinics nationwide in order to improve infection control and patient morale.
Molecular and geographic patterns of tuberculosis transmission after 15 years of directly observed therapy.
In this group of patients, CDC recommends directly observed therapy for both daily and three-doses-a-week regimens.

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