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1. Order for procedure in health care according to mandate of supervisory personnel or dictates of other prevailing authority.
2. Alignment of movement from one bodily locus to another (for example, cephalad, caudad).
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Bringing about the free balance of the head on the spine and the resulting release of the erector muscles of the back and legs which establish improved coordination.
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1. Order for procedure in health care according to mandate of supervisory personnel or dictates of other prevailing authority.
2. Alignment of movement from one bodily locus to another.
[L. directione]
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Q. Is it possible to have pin worm on directly on the skin of your fore arms? I've had this condition for more than a year. The only thing that makes a difference is something to kill parasites. Nothing works efficiently. I itch all over beside having big sores on my arms and back. I've hade blood test that show that there are no parasites in the blood. So now what do I do? I am constantly digging this out of my skin, and the buggars jump.

A. I'm seeing a dermatologist. They said it wasn't scabies. That's what I thought it was at first. I keep breaking out in new places. The Dr. say's it's dermititous, but I'm seeing something different. Went I first broke out with this I felt crawly in the area I now have the sores.

Q. Can any one direct me to a website which offers information about "must to know during Pregnancy " tips and advices ? i would consider it a great favour and i'd be very thankful .. at the moment i'm about to explode ... i feel like i am far of being ready ... i think that without a good preparation i won't be a good father ... :(

A. Hey, Jim.. you can try several links (which are my favorites) here : (I suggest you to buy the book version, it's quite complete and informative) (this is my personal blog, just click on pregnancy tag words, then you can find several article I wrote about pregnancy)

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CBCS is another experiment like the Four- Year Undergraduate Programme ( FYUP) due to which students are suffering as they are being used as guinea pigs in such experiments which are directionless and lack clarity.
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood also criticised the Government's record, describing it as "lamentable" and asserting that Wales was being let down by a directionless government.
Tokyo stocks ended mixed Tuesday in directionless trading as investors adopted a wait-and-see mood ahead of the closely watched outcome of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting.
THE VERDICT Directionless slacker Jeff (Segel) lives at home with his mum (Sarandon), smokes dope and watches movies.
Instead, Matt is directionless, biding his time with a thankless job in a video store.
They form a no-holdsbarred fight club as an outlet for their directionless aggression.
David Bortolussi kicked four penalties and two conversions but the Azzurri were sloppy and directionless, especially in the second half, and did not even claim a bonus point.
Gursky leaves his viewers with two options: either persist in trying to figure out how the images are made and get bogged down in an obfuscating technology; or abandon the effort entirely and submit to a pleasurable, but directionless, cognitive drift across the surface of his "allover" compositions.
Philippine stocks closed lower Friday, capping a week of directionless trading with the 30-share composite index sliding by 0.38% or 8.71 points to close at 2,301.66.
Even in PoMo office buildings (in fact particularly in those) most architects will have to cope with the cold directionless Modernist plain of standardised space.
When will our experts and the government wake up to address the directionless education system in the country?

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