direct zoonosis

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di·rect zo·o·no·sis

a zoonosis transmitted between humans and other animals from an infected to a susceptible host by contact, by airborne droplets or droplet nuclei, or by some vehicle of transmission; the agent requires a single vertebrate host for completion of its life cycle and does not develop or show significant change during transmission; may include anthropozoonoses (rabies), zooanthroponoses (amebiasis), and amphixenoses (certain staphylococcoses).


pl. zoonoses; disease of animals transmissible to humans.

direct zoonosis
one transmitted by contact or via an inanimate vehicle and which requires only one reservoir vertebrate (passing directly from animal to humans without the involvement of a vector or intermediate host) to maintain the cycle of infection, e.g. rabies. See also cyclozoonosis, metazoonosis, saprozoonosis.
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