direct relationship

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direct relationship


without intervening steps.

direct antiglobulin test
see direct coombs test.
direct capture ELISA mastitis test
measures polymorphonuclear antigens in milk sample as an indication of elevated milk cell counts and therefore presence of mastitis.
direct contact
see direct contact.
direct costs
see variable costs.
direct effect
the effect of one variable on another without passing through a third variable.
direct immunofluorescence testing
see fluorescence microscopy.
direct oxidative pathway
see pentose phosphate pathway.
direct relationship
see direct relationship.


the state that exists when one variable is related to another variable in some way.

direct relationship
when changes in the value of one of the variables is mirrored by a change in the same direction in the other variable.
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There is a direct relationship between the enhancement of enablers and the success of PBL implementation.
Establishing and documenting the direct relationship of library media programs and library media specialists to learning will show the centrality of student learning to the library media field, polishing the diamond and increasing the value of library media programs both in their own right and within the larger field of education.
There are no plans to enter into any other direct relationships," she explained, adding that Wal-Mart is pleased with the job GT is doing.
Many types of charitable payments have been held to have a sufficiently direct relationship to an expectation of commensurate financial return so as to permit deduction as an ordinary and necessary business expense:
Since the racetrack committed to hold specific charity days to obtain and ensure retention of its operating license, the payments bore a direct relationship to the taxpayer's business.
Current research has confirmed, a direct relationship between permeability and density, directly relating green sand compression to clay levels as squeeze pressure increases.
The report also reflects better evidence that a direct relationship exists between alcohol and a rise in blood pressure.