primary rays

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pri·mar·y rays

1. cosmic rays in the form in which they first strike the atmosphere;
2. x-rays generated at the focal spot of the tube. Synonym(s): direct rays
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References in classic literature ?
There was no water in the bared and burning bars of the river to reflect the vertical sun, but under its direct rays one or two tinned roofs and corrugated zinc cabins struck fire, a few canvas tents became dazzling to the eye, and the white wooded corral of the stage office and hotel insupportable.
The landlord forced Marner to take off his coat, and then to sit down on a chair aloof from every one else, in the centre of the circle and in the direct rays of the fire.
It was these, Perry explained, which evidently served the double purpose of replenishing the melting snows and protecting them from the direct rays of the sun.
He slept through the early gray of morning until the direct rays of the sun smote his closed eyelids, when he awoke with a start and looked about him until he had established the continuity of his existence and identified his present self with the days previously lived.
It only remains to add that in the handle of the flat iron, and opposite the bar, was a very little room like a three-cornered hat, into which no direct ray of sun, moon, or star, ever penetrated, but which was superstitiously regarded as a sanctuary replete with comfort and retirement by gaslight, and on the door of which was therefore painted its alluring name: Cosy.
In other words, the majority of energy from the sun's rays isn't even captured by solar systems, largely because most solar panels are stationary and can't move to meet the sun's direct rays.
In contrast, awnings block the sun's direct rays before entering your house, so they are more effective for reducing air-conditioning costs.
And finally the moon is passing through Earth's shadow to form a total lunar eclipse - when the Earth comes between the sun and the full moon and blocks the sun's direct rays from lighting up the moon.
similarly breaks up the direct rays of the sun, providing a dappled shade which mimics life under the leaves of a tree.
That statute says, in part: "An easement obtained for the purpose of protecting the exposure of property to the direct rays of the sun must be created in writing and is subject to the recording requirements for other conveyances of real property," which means a building owners access to the sun can be protected from future building obstructions.
* Position your solar setup so it gets the most direct rays, and move it as the sun moves.
Clothing like tank tops may seem like they would be a cooler option but they leave you exposed to the sun's direct rays. The less direct sun you are exposed to, the cooler you will feel.