direct pulp capping

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di·rect pulp cap·'ping

a procedure for covering and protecting an exposed vital pulp.

di·rect pulp cap·ping

(di-rekt pŭlp kaping)
Procedure for covering and protecting exposed vital pulp by placing dental material directly on exposed pulp tissue to stimulate formation of a dentinal bridge.
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In contrast, for direct pulp capping in primary teeth, MTA was the most popular material choice, even though this procedure was not performed commonly, even by specialists.
Key Words: Dental caries, direct pulp capping, indirect pulp capping, Calcium hydroxide, lining material.
22) They found out that both materials can provide satisfactory results in pulp therapies, such as direct pulp capping and total or partial pulpotomy.
Clinically the pulp tissue was vital without any major bleeding, so that maintenance of tooth vitality by direct pulp capping was decided upon.
Direct pulp capping in primary molars with enamel matrix derivative: report of a case.
Indeed, a major unstudied variable in clinical studies comparing the success rates of direct pulp capping methods is the selection of the restorative material.
Bleeding control is a procedure that determines the success of direct pulp capping.
2]], dentin adhesives, hydroxyapatite, mineral trioxide aggregate, tricalcium phosphate, allogenic dentin matrix, and bone morphogenetic protein have been widely studied with regard to hard tissue barrier formation after pulp exposition to improve upon direct pulp capping.
The use of mineral trioxide aggregate cement (MTA) as a direct pulp capping agent.
2 Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) has provoked significant attention being a direct pulp capping material in present-day dentistry.
Mineral trioxide aggregate and Calcium Hydroxide are direct pulp capping agents.