direct pulp capping

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di·rect pulp cap·'ping

a procedure for covering and protecting an exposed vital pulp.
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di·rect pulp cap·ping

(di-rekt pŭlp kaping)
Procedure for covering and protecting exposed vital pulp by placing dental material directly on exposed pulp tissue to stimulate formation of a dentinal bridge.
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the MTA in the framework of direct pulp capping. It presents some advantages easy to handle, can be used as a provisional coronal obturation, timesaving and better cost effectiveness.
Direct pulp capping is important to avoid more invasive and resource-intensive procedures of conventional root canal treatment.
Key Words: Dental caries, direct pulp capping, indirect pulp capping, Calcium hydroxide, lining material.
CONCLUSION: Biodentine[TM] is an interesting product, with the potential of making a major contribution to maintaining pulp vitality in patients judiciously selected for direct pulp capping.
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It was not the intention of the present study to criticize the endodontic pastes used in the treatment of the pulp of deciduous teeth, but rather to provide information on biocompatible materials that may be used as direct pulp capping methods.
A retrospective study of direct pulp capping with calcium hydroxide compounds.
Due to the tooth fragment being sufficiently hydrated, we devised a treatment plan that included performing direct pulp capping and original tooth fragment reattachment, which was accepted by the patient's parents.