direct lead

di·rect lead

in electrocardiography, a unipolar lead recorded with the exploring electrode placed directly on the surface of the exposed heart.
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Having set up the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank with $100bn of funding to start the process, China now wishes to take a direct lead in improving Asian infrastructure.
The HEUCO FIT LR series contains six new products allowing direct lead chrome replacement for the most important shades.
He stays down every time he is tackled and that appears to be a direct lead from his manager.
However, if a viewer likes your page and turns you into a friend, this provides a direct lead to a potential customer.
FIMT chief executive Nick Booth said: "Taking a direct lead from our patrons, the foundation is committed to ensuring those who have given so much serving their country in the Armed Forces are, in turn, given as much support as they and their families need to re-integrate into civilian life."
A full-time NZNO Direct Lead adviser, responsible for the overall running and reporting requirements of NZNO Direct, is proposed.
But Fechner actually saw in the work of Herbart the direct lead to the central theme of psychophysics, and Kant's Anticipations of Perception actually set down the principles that would ground Herbart's concept of sensory thresholds.
The deal with will result in the establishment of a top direct lead generator in the insurance sector and of an active customer base of insurance agents, brokers and carriers, All Web Leads added.Country: USA, Sector: Insurance, IT/Online ServicesTarget: Buyer: Great Hill Partners LLC, All Web Leads IncType: LBOStatus: ClosedBuyer advisor: Morgan Keegan & Co Inc
I had some other letters from people who knew Jack Hart but there was no direct lead from them.
If, for example, the adult child lives in New York City and the loved one needing senior housing resides in Tampa, Florida, then having your community show up in a search result, using tailored care and lifestyle criteria, will increase the probability of a direct lead, either through an online contact form or a call to the listing's posted number.
offers and Bet Direct lead the way by going a quarter the odds the first six.
Professor Mike Stratton, head of the Cancer Genome Project in Hinxton, Cambs, said: "This discovery could be a direct lead to new treatments for malignant melanoma."