direct inhalation

direct inhalation,

n the targeting of an aromatherapy treatment to the nose of one patient.
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This stove reduces deforestation in the local area, as well as greatly reducing the direct inhalation of smoke.
The infection is caused by bacteria called group A streptococci and is spread through contact with "The infection is caused by bacteria called group A streptococci and is spread through contact with respiratory droplets from someone carrying the bacteria either by direct inhalation or by indirect contact, for example through sharing cups.
The high-tech vaporizer also gives users the option of a vapor balloon or direct inhalation tube, depending on their preference.
2009) did not use direct inhalation exposure, which is the most relevant exposure route for airborne particles (Oberdorster et al.
For ozone and particulate matter -- which cause respiratory problems and other health effects -- the main concern is direct inhalation.
Also to claim she had reached this state after 18 months is patently absurd, smokers take 20 to 30 years with direct inhalation of the tar to come close to the internal blackening she describes.
no adverse human health effects are identified for adult or child residents via direct inhalation.
Transmission of a cold virus is more often the result of handling objects contaminated by a person with a cold and then rubbing the eyes or the nose, rather than through direct inhalation of droplets from the sneeze or cough of an infected person.
Nevertheless, Dahlheim speculates that the 1989 losses may have resulted from direct inhalation or skin exposure to oil, and the following year% disappearances from effects of chronic exposure.
To address this unmet need, Genoa has created GP-101 as a proprietary aerosol pirfenidone formulation for direct inhalation delivery to the lung.
Humans are susceptible to adverse effects through direct inhalation of aerosolized brevetoxins during bloom events or through consumption of shellfish that have accumulated brevetoxins.
Just two inches long, the hollow tube contains organic, quality essential oils for direct inhalation through the nasal passages, providing anti-bacterial and anti-microbial support for sinus tissue.

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