direct image

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vir·tu·al im·age

an erect image formed by projection of divergent rays from an optical system.
Synonym(s): direct image
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direct image

An image produced from radiation without secondary image receptors. Synonym: virtual image
See also: image
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We introduce a filtered sheaf [??] on Y, called, the direct image of [[mu].sub.[??]] By sup.aT as follows: if Y([Florin]) is open in Y, then we have that
Foveon also announced that the F19 direct image sensor has been designed into the HanVision HVDUO-5M, a digital camera designed for industrial, scientific, medical and communications applications.
Regardless of the uncertainties in formation and semantics, these direct images represent a huge leap forward in exoplanet studies, and more pictures are sure to follow.
While snow lines have been detected in other systems before, scientists had never taken a direct image of one.
Washington, Oct 20 (ANI): Astronomers have captured the first direct image of a planet in the process of forming around its star.
Over the next decade, large telescopes with mirrors that can flex 100 times a second to correct for the blurring effects of Earth's atmosphere may capture a direct image of a Jupiter-size planet from the ground, according to a 1995 report.
The ( European Southern Observatory was able to take a rare direct image of an alien planet with roughly four-to-five times the mass of Jupiter.
FOR CENTURIES ASTRONOMERS have dreamed of taking a direct image of a planet orbiting another star.
Washington, December 17 (ANI): A team of astronomers has captured the first direct image of a young binary star system.
ON SEPTEMBER 10TH, amid much publicity, astronomers unveiled their best candidate yet for the first direct image of an extrasolar planet.

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