direct image

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vir·tu·al im·age

an erect image formed by projection of divergent rays from an optical system.
Synonym(s): direct image

direct image

An image produced from radiation without secondary image receptors. Synonym: virtual image
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Current Line of Digital Cameras Using the Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor
At the core of company's products is the revolutionary Foveon X3[R] direct image sensor, the world's first image sensor that directly captures color using three layers of pixels.
The company's patented Foveon X3(R) direct image sensor uses three layers of pixels to produce images of stunning fidelity.
The direct image exchange of deposits between ERAS and SVPCo member banks will reduce paper processing and transportation expense and provide a bank's customers with reduced risk in the collection of their check deposits.
The camera takes advantage of several key features of the X3 direct image sensor including X3F raw file format image capture, video clip capture at VGA resolution, and Foveon's recently introduced X3 Fill Light software.
It is a vital enabling technology for facilitating direct image exchange because with the advent of check truncation, banks will no longer have access to the paper check, making the quality of the captured images critical.
This technology is presently the only viable DR option that supports truly direct image capture," said Dr.

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