direct illumination

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di·rect il·lu·mi·na·tion

an illumination in which the rays of light are directed downward, almost perpendicularly onto the upper surface of the object, which reflects the rays upward into the optical system.
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direct illumination

The illumination of an object under a microscope by directing light rays upon its upper surface.
See also: illumination
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Direct illumination produces images that represent the flame propagation, but the images are not well developed.
Each workstation also benefits from an LED task lamp to provide direct illumination on the workplane.
The total field strength at any point within the MWB volume will consist of both direct illumination and multi-path (reverberant) contributions.
The perforated drop frame assembly allows light through for direct illumination, whilst the combination of the asymmetric reflectors and the curved profile of the suspended frame allows uniform sideways light distribution onto the surrounding ceiling and walls.
"Adjustable LED cubes provide direct illumination for accent walls, while hidden LED linear sources provide soft backlit illumination for the graphic panels," Fagnant says.

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