direct bonding

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di·rect bond·ing

(di-rekt bonding)
Single-step intraoral procedure in which orthodontic attachments are bonded to teeth with resin.
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Direct bonding is considered a conservative restoration.
The authors, Yuya Shoji and Tetsuya Mizumoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, approached the problem using a direct bonding technique which realizes direct contact of different materials.
Formulated for direct bonding, Loctite 7389 Primer and Loctite 3196PR LOCA provide a solution for the cure through depth limitation of side curing, the work-in-process and potential damage to the LCD of heat curing, and the long cure time required for moisture cure.
The teeth are subsequently pumiced and acid etched as for direct bonding of orthodontic attachments.
In vitro studies on adhesion tests of direct bonding demonstrated that the fracture site in debonding metallic orthodontic brackets is usually located in the resin-bracket interface.
Some of these cases involved ZOOM in-surgery whitening, cosmetic contouring (reshaping of the front teeth), and some direct bonding (building up or reshaping teeth with tooth coloured materials).
As reported by Herert Ivan Cueto [2], it was in 1966 that the first direct bonding using a cyanoacrylate was done.
Casabond 1200 Series adhesion promoters are offered for use in rubber compounded direct bonding systems.
The atomic diffusion bonding technique is a direct bonding technique developed by Tohoku University's Professor Takehito Shimatsu.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of conveyor pulleys with ceramic tiles direct bonding on pulley without rubber sheet & rubber pad in chp 3x660 mw ktps.
This time consuming and unaesthetic procedure has been virtually discarded after the introduction of acid etch direct bonding technique in 1955 by Buonocore.