direct bonding

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di·rect bond·ing

(di-rekt bonding)
Single-step intraoral procedure in which orthodontic attachments are bonded to teeth with resin.
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Assessment of bracket placement and bond strength when comparing direct bonding to indirect bonding techniques.
Direct Bonding. Direct bonding method is a self-joining of [C.sub.f]/SiC composites by solid-phase diffusion without any other materials (Figure 2(a)).
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The direct bonding of orthodontic brackets with composite resins has been considered as one of the most significant developments in orthodontics [1].
Direct bonding with ceramic is possible in 1 to 5 minutes by heating TKC-651 to 790-850 degrees Celsius in a vacuum of 0.02 pascals (2 x 10(-2)Pa) or less, or in an inert atmosphere of argon (Ar), etc.
Section 2 presents recent work on mechanical engineering and materials, with papers on thermal-assisted direct bonding of glasses for lab-on-chip application through surface activation processes, the application of thermosensitive gel nano-material in neurosurgery, image stitching in robot target recognition, and analysis of aerodynamics characteristics of a high length-to-diameter ratio missile.
The two-component moulding technology allows the direct bonding of rubber and plastics for integrated automotive parts, and simplifies assembly of parts by eliminating the need for primer or anchoring.
If the heat sink is damaged or the attached component needs to be serviced, direct bonding increases the cost of rework.
Tensile bond force of glass ionomer cements in direct bonding of orthodontic brackets: An in vitro comparative study.
The development of self-bonding LSRs now allows for direct bonding of the silicone to the substrate material without the need for additional primers or adhesives.
ZOOM in-surgery whitening is available at Chapel House Dentistry for pounds 495, with direct bonding layered system at pounds 50 per tooth.