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A narcotic antagonist resembling naloxone but more potent.
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Those findings were in line with previous evidence that indicated a decreased [BP.sub.ND] of opioid receptors, evaluated through the nonselective radiotracer [11C] diprenorphine, in other chronic pain disorders [62,63], with regularization driven by pain decrease [62, 63].
The animals were immobilized with an intramuscular injection of etorphine HC1 that was reversed with diprenorphine HO, as described by Griffiths et al.
The affinity of [mu]-opioid-receptor agonists such as morphine; diprenorphine; n-Ala(2),N-MePhe(4),Gly(5)-olenkephalin (DAMGO); [beta]-endorphin; metenkephalin; and dynorphine was not changed, but the potency and efficacy of DAMGO, (3-endorphin, and morphine were decreased (22).