dipole moment

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di·pole mo·ment

the product of one of the two charges of a dipole and the distance that separates them; an important measure of the degree of polarity of many biomolecules.
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Conventionally, ferroelectricity has been observed in materials that are insulating or semiconducting rather than metallic, because conduction electrons in metals screen-out the static internal fields arising from the dipole moment.
Here, [gamma] is adsorbed on the surface concentration and [[mu].sub.normal] is the dipole moment component perpendicular to the direction Ti[O.sub.2] surface (where the [[mu].sub.normal] was the x-axis direction), [[epsilon].sub.0] is the gas permittivity, and [epsilon] is the dielectric constant of the organic monolayer.
where [E.sup.(1).sub.i] ([r.sub.i]), [P.sup.(1).sub.i], and [E.sup.(1).sub.d] ([r.sub.i],r) are the modified electric field, the modified dipole moment, and the modified dipole-induced electric field, respectively.
All heteronuclear diatomic molecules are polar, single or multiple bonds are formed between the A and B atoms, the dipole moment of the AB molecule is related to the polar character of the bonding, the dipole moment of the bond itself is the molecular dipole moment.
DeMille et al., "Order of magnitude smaller limit on the electric dipole moment of the electron," Science, vol.
The dipole moment is calculated by the product of distance and the charge on the atoms; it indicates the polarity of the covalent bond of the molecule [27].
When Re {f([[epsilon].sup.*.sub.p], [[epsilon].sup.*.sub.m])} > 0 the effective dipole moment is aligned with the electric field E.
However, scientists suspect that neutrons have a tiny electric dipole moment. Unfortunately, past measurements were not sufficiently precise.
This can be attributed by the higher dipole moment of PMMA (([micro]) = 1.6-1.97 D) [15] compared to the dipole moment of styrene (([micro]) = 0.13 D) molecule in the grafted forms.
Yaws presents students, academics, and professionals working in the field with the second edition of his comprehensive handbook on the critical properties, thermal expansion, surface tension, radius of gyration, enthalpy of fusion, enthalpy of vaporization, dipole moment, density, isothermal compressibility, acentric factor, and other thermophysical properties of more than 10,000 hydrocarbons and other chemicals.