1. A developmental anomaly involving complete or incomplete duplication of a foot.
2. In conjoined twins and sirenomelia, a degree of union leaving two feet evident.
[G. di-, two, + pous (pod-), foot]
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- a) Simelia apus: Only one femur and a tibia with no feet (Apodi), b) Simelia unipus: Normal femur, tibia, and fibula with partial melting of feet, c) Simelia dipus: Fusion of the lower limbs extending to the malleoli, fin-like (dipodia) muscles of both limbs are present.
(11) No verso em questao, os quatro tempos do metron anapestico (uu--uu -) sao compostos por dois pes espondaicos ( ), formando os quatro tempos em dipodia em que se reunem dois pes iguais para se formar uma unidade.