diphtheritic neuropathy

diph·the·rit·ic neu·rop·a·thy

a rapidly developing polyneuropathy caused by a toxin elaborated by Corynebacterium diphtheriae.
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The preceding history of sore throat in diphtheritic neuropathy.
All cases in this series were given a final clinical diagnosis of diphtheritic neuropathy.
Other reports of diphtheritic neuropathy in India have been bacteriologically confirmed for 15%-39% of patients (19-21).
Detection of Diphtheritic Neuropathy by AFP Surveillance Systems
Our study demonstrates that diphtheritic neuropathy can be detected through existing AFP surveillance systems designed to detect poliomyelitis and may be pragmatically expanded to include diphtheritic neuropathy in children <15 years of age.
The effect of lacal pressure in diphtheritic neuropathy.