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A poison gas used in World War I; it is also slightly lacrimatoric.
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Freezing points of chemical agents Agent Symbol Contact Hazard Vapor Hazard Nerve Tabun GA Extreme Low-Moderate Sarin GB Extreme Extreme Soman GD Extreme Probable VX Extreme Negligibe VR-55 Extreme Probable TGD Extreme Probable Blister Distilled mustard HD Extreme Negligibe Mustard-lewisite HL Extreme Low Nitrogen mustard HN-1 Extreme Low Nitrogen mustard HN-2 Extreme Low Lewisite L Extreme Negligible Nitrogen mustard HN-3 Extreme Low Phosgene oxime CX Extreme Low Blood Hydrogen cyanide AC Low Extreme Cyanogen choride CK Low Extreme Arsine SA Low Extreme Choking Phosgene CG Slight Extreme Diphosgene DP Slight Extreme Table 2.
These agents are also referred to as choking agents and include chlorine gas, phosgene, diphosgene, and chloropicrin (34).