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1,4-Dioxane; a colorless liquid used as a solvent for cellulose esters and in histology as a drying agent.
Synonym(s): 1, 4-diethylene dioxide
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The composition of water and dioxane in the permeate was calculated by measuring the refractive index of the permeate using an Abbe's refractometer (sensitivity [+ or -] 0.
Zenker et al [35] reported that 1,4 dioxane is used as a solvent stabilizer in industries to prevent the breakdown of chlorinated solvents during manufacturing processes.
Last year formaldehyde was identified as a carcinogen by the government while 1,4 dioxane has been linked to cancer in certain animal studies.
However, studies carried out on people who have extensive occupational exposure to dioxane have not shown any increase in cancer rates.
4- dioxane is a by-product formed during the manufacturing process of foaming agents widely used in shampoos and is present in very small traces as low as parts per million in shampoos, and many related products across
the world.
The Dubai Municipality has withdrawn 17 shampoo brands from the market, after laboratory tests revealed that they contained a high percentage of carcinogenic Dioxane 1.
Laboratory tests of samples found that the shampoos contained high percentage of Dioxane 1.
To address the issue of 1, 4 dioxane raised in the news report forwarded by you, we would like to briefly explain the presence of dioxane in shampoos.
Rhodapex[R] LA 300 SB is a highly ethoxylated anionic emulsifier designed for latex chemical stability that provides a low pour point and dioxane level (<100 ppm).